Well hello, you’re here because you want to learn a little more about a particular man. You’re doing research on for… whatever your reason may be. Maybe you’re doing research for a school assignment paper. Maybe you want to learn more about him to become his friend, or maybe he is your competition and you need just a little more insight on who he is. Well as you already know his name is Brent Carter; a loving friend,a respected career enthusiast who enjoys having a care free spirit. All of which led up to his success as a professional radio talk show owner.

Brent Carter Victoria tx was raised just thousands of miles from his best friend Wade which is also the co-owner of the Wade and Carter talk radio show in Victoria TX, without even knowing their epic union would change radio area history. Its as if fate always knew they would become friends because as children they both played sports intensely, which they both still enjoy doing very much till this day. After finally meeting each other as friends they decided to solve the worlds problems, one lunch outing at a time. All were solved while enjoying a tasteful favorite, a plate of and a glass of ‘half and half’ tea. Under these delicious conditions those two could solve any problem the world was face with.

One day over the usual Tex-Mex world problem solving historic lunches, Brent and Carter decided that they were tired of hearing made up parts to the truth forced to hear while listening to a local radio show. They solved the problem but never took action on it until one day someone suggested they start their own radio show. That’s when it hit them, something they’ve been talking about doing for the past year, well its time to start doing it.

Putting together humor with actual facts to describe what’s really happening locally. Brent Carter Victoria TX, along with his friend Wade tastefully used informative humor to get theirs and everyone else listening day started. Brent and Wades close friendship allows then to keep it real on the show. No, fake I’m going to pretend to like you because we are coworkers there. They vibe together with just about anything, from the people who work in their office to what’s hot around the area. They engage with their fans with live shows on Facebook and interact with those responding to the live feed.