Crazy Hair Trends 2019 for Men

men hairstyle 2019
As 2019 comes to a close, we can look back on a year full of hair colors and hairstyles that not only made a statement, but will be memorable for decades to come (think mullets!). In most cases, men’s hairstyles rarely change unless men find it fashionable to grow their hair and do a little experimenting at a blow dry bar. Such is the case with these 2019 Chandler AZ hair salon top trends for men’s hairstyles.

When it comes to classic cuts, the crew cut and the buzz cut never go out of style. However, there are a few new variations on short haircuts for men. The undercut is a style that isn’t unique to 2019, but it is being paired with other short cuts for a newer look. The undercut is typically short sides and back with longer top length.

male hairstyle 2019 Another very popular short cut for guys is the the fade group of haircuts. The low fade only leaves a small portion of the hair shaved. The sides are still fairly long working up to a longer length on the top. The low fade is often referred to as “understated.”

The mid fade looks much like the undercut style, but the mid fade features a transition point at about the temple area. Below the temples is shaved, but the mid fade gradually works to longer hair on top. Some that choose the mid fade style modify it by creating an arc shape. This is done by shaving the fade into a drop behind the ear (this is known as the drop fade).

The high fade style is one that provides a striking look; the sides are long then become drastically shortened with some barbers shaving to the skin above the ears.

Fades and undercuts are often partnered with, well, variations of parted haircuts. The side part is one that is rather traditional.

male haircut 2019A really popular trend is that of the quiff look. This cut is much like the pompadour (think Elvis), but this cut but there is a section of hair at the front of the head that is combed back around for added height to the cut.

Another trend that is rather surprising is a comb over. Yes, the comb over! The comb over is another striking method styling men’s hair. Not to be confused with the hard part, the comb over is typically not paired with an undercut or fade. Often, those with very thick, medium-length hair will opt for the comb over.