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First Place Winners This shot shows the time clock & score which was 84 - 84 with 3.9 seconds left in the game. The winners hit a 3 pointer right before the buzzer went off making the total score 87 - 84! Second Place Winners

Men's Basketball Tournament Winners : March 2014


The New Pump Campaign Was A Success!

Thanks to those who donated by mail: Mac Campbell, Irene Hedgecock Adams, Harriett Copeland, Kenneth Copeland, Virginia Wood, Doug Griffith, B.J. Carter III, William and Donna Sullivan, Benny Ray Setliff, Russell and Mary Jane Gregory, Linda P. Hollandsworth, and Brenda Martin Ayers. Others have donated online through GoFundMe. Thank you ALL!

We will have pictures of the pump as soon as they become available!

A Plea For Help From Sarah Ann Hubbard:
I run the concession stand at the Fieldale Community Center. I am looking for certain items to update the stand to either be donated or purchased at a reasonable price.
We are looking for
Two crock pots
Two fridges
A deep freezer
A George Forman grill

Thank you to anyone who can help!

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