hair color 2019

Color Trends for 2019

Of course, trends might dictate how we cut our hair, but hair color is often more unpredictable.

blonde hair 2019Blonde is always a color that is in style, but 2019 sees platinum blonde – an almost white blonde – as one of the top colors for the year. Some stylists refer to this as a “pearl” color, and that would be a correct description. Some refer to it is the “Nordic” look. The key to getting the platinum, pearl, or icy color at a hair salon near me will involve stripping one’s natural color. Then once the color has processed correctly, you’ll need to make sure that you don’t allow the color to become brassy.

Very similar to the pearl or platinum blonde look is silver, a color that became trendy in 2018 and has remained quite popular. Again, the wearer will have to succumb to the time-consuming process of stripping the natural color of the hair. Once the hair is bleached, then the stylist can begin adding the colors that make silver. At the same time, there are those who do not wish to go fully silver, but they put silver highlights in dark brown hair. This contrast does not look like traditional salt and pepper hair, but is a great contrast to the darker natural hair.

rose gold hair 2019Perhaps one of the neatest hair color trends for 2019 is rose gold. Rose gold hair mixes red, blonde, and pink shades of color to achieve the rose gold look. One reason that rose gold is so popular as a hair color is the fact that rose gold compliments just about any skin tone. It is a color that is just as acceptable in the business world as it is on the head of a freelance writer. There are those who prefer to keep the rose gold to more dark colors, and there are those with a blonde base color that is more of the light pink color associated with rose gold.
No matter what hair color or style you choose, the most popular trend is being yourself and getting the cut and color that you love. With so many styles available and so many hair colors to choose from, there is most definitely a trend out there to satisfy even the pickiest of fashionistas and fashion moguls.