Women’s Hairstyle Trends for 2019

women hairstyle 2019 AZ
Like men’s hair trends, some women’s haircuts never go out of style! One of these timeless TouchUps Salon styles is the Bob. The Bob is a decades-old cut that can be conservative or messy as the wearer chooses. Bobs can be all one length (minus the bangs, of course) or they can be reversed and stacked in the back with longer layers framing the face depending on your choice at the Blow Dry Bar Franchise. Bobs may be shoulder length or chin length.

women hair pixieAnother tried and true favorite of many women is the Pixie cut. The Pixie in 2019, however, has made just a few changes. The Pixie of old – very short all over with perhaps a side part to style slightly longer hair on top – has made way for a cut that adds bangs and irregularly elongated strands throughout the coat. Another version of the Pixie is titled the “Long Pixie,” which is a chin length cut that features longer bangs or a longer layer on the very top of the head.

A new style that is much like the Pixie is the Garcon. It is meant to highlight the eyes and cheeks of the wearer, and it may be modified. The sides and back are typically very short, and the top may be short like the traditional Pixie. Some variations have messy, elongated strands at random on the wearer’s head.

The Pageboy is a traditional cut that is great for medium-length hair. Like many of these other hairstyles, the Pageboy can be modified to fit the whim of the wearer.

The shag is a variation of the Bob haircut, but wavier and with many elongated sections of hair throughout the cut. The shag may be shoulder length, chin length or in between.

Ladies with longer locks often opt for layers, and this is a trend that never goes out of style! Layers work with both curly and straight hair. However, there are those who prefer a more blunt, straight hair cut that can make hair appear thicker.

women hair bangsBangs are coming back in style (did they ever really leave?), and ladies are choosing this style for the ease that they provide when styling hair. There are the traditional, cut straight across bangs, and there are also the bangs that are cut asymmetrically.

Speaking of asymmetric haircuts, this style is one that fits creative individuals. These cuts appear to be a little chaotic but still fit career women just as well as they do the freelance artist.

When it comes to women’s hairstyle trends of 2019, elegance and slight messiness are the best descriptors. Hair is often not meant to be arranged, and, in fact, the less “arranged” the hair looks, the better and more trendy! Hairstyles in 2019 can be summed up in one word: comfortable!